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Chromatography & Spectroscopy / Spectroscopy - Shimadzu (Japan)
FTIR Detectors, model IRPrestige-21

Product Description:


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometers

High-Sensitivity DLATGS Detector
IRPrestige-21 includes a high-sensitivity DLAGTS (Deuterated Triglycine sulfate doped with L-alanine) detector. The environment of the detection element is controlled to keep it at a specified temperature. These condition results in a high sensitivity and stability. InGaAs detector which used for Near IR analysis or MCT detector for small / dark samples can be mounted together with the existing DLATGS detector.
Bright Ceramic Light Source
IRPrestige-21 includes a bright ceramic light source that is air cooled. This high-energy source does not require any special attachments and is extremely stable. The ceramic source is guaranteed for 3 years.
High-Energy Throughput Optical Elements
It uses high-energy throughput optical elements, such as Gold mirrors. The high-precision optics decrease energy loss in the optical path and result in increased energy at the sample. The Gold mirrors used in the IRPrestige-21 have 98% reflectance compared to the 95% reflectance of traditional Aluminum mirrors. Interferometers with Gold mirrors have greater energy throughput than those with Aluminum mirrors. The 3% reflectance difference is intensified with the number of mirrors used in the FTIR.
The IRPrestige-21 is a research-grade FTIR with an expandable measurement range from Near IR to Far IR and a S/N ratio of 40,000:1. Reliable measurement is possible even of gas samples.
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