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Thermo Scientific Jewett

Product Description:

Jewett Blood Bank Refrigerators

For reliable storage of blood products at +4°C, the Thermo Scientific Jewett blood bank refrigerators come in a wide range of sizes and capacities (35 to 960 bags). Jewett blood bank refrigerators maintain a consistent temperature and quickly recover set point temperature after the refrigerator door has been opened and closed.

BBR series
Temperature Range: +2ºC to +4ºC
Volume: 153L, 312L, 479L, 702L, 1059L & 1556L
Storage Capacity *: 35 bags, 180 bags, 315 bags,
   480 bags, 630 bags, 960 bags
* 450mL bag
CT series (Counter-High)
Temperature Range: +2ºC to +4ºC
Volume: 153L
Storage Capacity *: 60 bags
* 450mL bag

Jewett Upright Blood Bank Refrigerators

Jewett Counter-High Blood Bank Refrigerator

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